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Learn more about Botox injection,What to do to remove wrinkles in the face,Fillers removal,...

Fat, fillers and Botox Injection

What to do to remove wrinkles in the face

One of the most important signs of age is the appearance of wrinkles, loosening and drooping of the skin, causing dark brown spots, as well as damping and changes such as vascular changes. Other sign of aging in people is wrinkles that over time created on the skin and exposed to everyone. Skin smoothness and transparency of the skin play a very important role in everyday life as well as the relationships of individuals regarding to social, individual, and occupational side. That is why all people are looking for a way to remove some of the wrinkles from their skin.

Fat, fillers and Botox Injection

Learn more about Botox injection

Botox is actually a brand name of botulinum drug produced by the Allergan Company. One of the most reputable botulinum drugs is Dysport, the IPSEN plant. This medication weakens the muscles and prevents severe contractions of the muscles of the forehead and eyes around, when it is frowning, laughing and raising the eyebrows. Note: The skin on the muscles is protected from the action and reaction caused by these contractions and does not suffer wrinkles and deep lines over time.

Fat, fillers and Botox Injection

Types of facial wrinkles

Facial wrinkles are divided into two groups: 1. Active wrinkles which is created due to the presence of muscle below them. These lines are the result of years of laughing, frowning, and changing the shape of the face muscles. 2. Non-active wrinkles which is created due to aging and changes in the skin's contents. 3. Note: For active wrinkles which have direct relationship with muscle movements, such as: "Horizontal forehead wrinkles, frown wrinkles between eyebrows and around the eyes, use of the Botox is very effective."

Fat, fillers and Botox Injection

Fillers removal

Polyacrylamide filler or gel was the popular dermal fillers because of the long-lasting effect and has been used widely in the last 10 year. This dermal filler is injected to all area of the body such as leg, hands and also under the eyes. In some cases, the fillers become deformed and cause problems and abnormal side effects for physicians and people. There are several techniques to remove or dissolve the fillers: The volume and the place of the injected filler should be specified.

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