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RF Fractional

How radio frequency waves works in RF fractional?

Stimulation and fluctuation high frequency in molecules and rotation in bipolar molecules causes stimulating the collagen generating fibers and their contraction and increasing the collagen formation and, as a result, skin firmness and youthfulness is occurred during the treatment period using radio frequency radio waves.

RF Fractional

Face lifting with RF device

The most important application of Fractional RF is Skin Tightening and Skin Laxity. In fact, RF has the ability to create a non-surgical lift. The effects of RF after lifting appear in two ways: A. A few days after the RF B. Three to four weeks after the RF Note: RF is so obvious that it can be used to raise the eyebrow (brow lift) and to treat eyelid droop (although this requires RF to be done in specific areas). Note: Fractional RF has a great effect on skin wrinkle treatments.

RF Fractional

Removing moles with RF device

What is mole? Mole is one of the skin lesions that may appear on any individual's skin. The time of the emergence of moles varies from one person to another, but often appears on the skin from childhood to the age of 30. Contrary to individuals’ imagination, the moles are not unchanged, the mole may soon change color, or even deform, or hair grows on it.

RF Fractional

What is RF Fractional or Micro-Needle?

Usually controlled radio frequency energy is used to treatment of loose skin and also to eliminate wrinkles of the face. There is a diluent gel in the radio frequency device, which is applied to the face skin. The radio frequency waves radiate on the face of the skin, and bring the created heat from the skin surface to depth of the skin. This heat creates new collagen and shrinkage of old collagen. People who want to use skin rejuvenation methods should be aware that radio frequency waves are a non-invasive method which does not harm the skin. It also has more beneficial effect than anti-wrinkle creams. After therapeutic sessions the skin will not be wounded at all. Therefore, there are no complications such as dark or bright spots in this way.

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