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Implanting of natural eyebrow and growable,Cause of losing the eyebrow hair,Natural eyebrow transplant with the latest method of the world,...

Eyebrow Transplant

The limitations and problems of eyebrow transplant techniques

Implanted hairs according to appearance features like color, thickness, straightness or being wavy, and growth rate differ from the eyebrow hair. Implanted hair often after a while becomes pretty much similar to the eyebrow hair. It should be mentioned that implanted hair will grow much more than the natural eyebrow hair which this gap will be decreased in second and third transplant session. Although implanted hairs never completely look like the natural eyebrow.

Eyebrow Transplant

Cause of losing the eyebrow hair

Damaging the eyebrow, due to shock, burns, electric shock, and chemical. Tropical diseases such as skin, fungal, microbial lupus, alopecia areata (Patchy hair loss). Lack of congenital growing of eyebrows. Frequent eyebrow correction, which for a long time cause damaging the delicate root eyebrow hair due to slow growing of the eyebrow hair and weakness restoration of them, and because of that, first eyebrow becomes thin, then removed permanently.

Eyebrow Transplant

Natural eyebrow transplant with the latest method of the world

Eyebrows are the most important members of the body and have a special and great impact on the beauty of people. So that, some people have to do tattoo on their face to reach their desire form. Nowadays, tattoo is a repetitive matter and out of fashion world and people come to eyebrow transplant, which this matter causes the eyebrow transplant become most popular beauty surgery.

Eyebrow Transplant

Serious side effects of eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo causes serious side effects like creating flab or mass, spread of infections such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, herpes (fever blisters), changing the color of the skin and stimulating the most diseases which exists its background. Part of tattoo’s loss a. Breaking the skin’s defensive barrier b. Creation of the skin sensitivity

Eyebrow Transplant

The similarity of hair transplant with eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant is similar to hair transplant which the live hair is removed from the back of the head and implant in intended area of the eyebrow. Also live hair is growable and the eyebrow seems to more natural and natural eyebrow in implanted area will grow. In eyebrow transplant, two methods of FUT and FIT are used in which the expert use hairs of above the ear.

Eyebrow Transplant

How to clean the eyebrow tattoo and implant the natural eyebrow

One of the effective area in women’s beauty is thicken and natural eyebrows. Special eyebrows make each face more beautiful. Note: Sometimes thinning and eyebrows hair loss causes women tend to do tattoo. Most women usually use tattoo for having different eyebrows and then they feel regret. Most of the time, tattoo’s materials are used to remove tattoo and this matter causes damaging the eyebrows growth. So that, in removal the tattoo area again, using the laser will be difficult.

Eyebrow Transplant

Why tattoo cause to damage and remove the eyebrows

When tattooing, blood circulation is scrambled in the skin and hair area. For this reason, the eyebrow hairs fall out over time and stray hair getting thinner. So people come to eyebrow transplant, years after tattoo due to low density and eyebrow with empty spaces. Never go to a beauty salon to remove the tattoos. For several reasons, the beauty salons use the chemical removing materials for removing the tattoos which even is not able to remove by laser.

Eyebrow Transplant

Implanting of natural eyebrow and growable

Do you look more beautiful with natural eyebrows or artificial and boring color of tattoo? Judging is not difficult about eyebrow with tattoo is better or eyebrow transplant. Having natural and growable eyebrow which can be dyed, formed and cut does not necessarily compare with hatching and painted eyebrow by tattoo’s colors that cause uniformity and bore. Don’t worry! Even the ones who done tattoo before, can get eyebrow transplant on their tattoo area.

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