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Questions about hair transplant,The advantages of hair transplant vs. hair restoration and wig ...

Hair Transplant

Questions about hair transplant

1. Is the hair implanted in natural ways (MFIT / FUT / FIT) permanently? How is hair loss? - Yes, this hair is completely permanent and does not fall out like your former hair loss. This hair is removed from the back of head known as safe donor area against the hair loss. The Hair of safe donor area (the back of head) does not fall out due to lack of DHT hormones receptors and it is resistant against male pattern baldness. Note: In fact, one of the guarantees of natural hair transplant is permanent durability of resistant hair against genetic disorders in the back of head.

Hair Transplant

More details about your hair loss

As usual, hair loss begins slowly then intensifies. This type of hair loss may partly or spread all over the head. It is normal to lose 100 strands of whole body hair per day. On average, there are 100,000 hair strands on the head. Of course this amount depends on the size of the head and genetic as well. Most of this hair loss is belong to the head. It means 0.01 % of body hair is fall out per day. If you lose more than this amount, means you get infected to hair loss.

Hair Transplant

Questions about natural hair transplant

1. Is hair transplant causes strengthen the former fluffy hair? Hair transplant is performed for patient’s baldness and it is logical to do this once that at least 40-50 percent of the hair in the area has been fallen, so that the person can enjoy the results. It is natural that male hair loss is a continuous and permanent process, and there is no other way than minoxidil and finasteride to strengthen the individual’s hair associated with her genetics status and possible hair loss in the future. Note: it should be noted if hair transplant is performed by people who are not qualified, there will be the risk of damage to existing hair and may causes to alopecia.

Hair Transplant

Relationship between hair loss and gradual increase in age

The most common problem among people who exposed daily, are hair loss problems. The factors that affect hair loss include : A. Genetics B. Hormonal disorder, Thyroid C. Environmental factors D. Nutrition styles E. Anemia F. Iron, magnesium and calcium deficiency Note: Nutrition regime has an important role to protect hair and body health. One of the reasons that women suffer intense hair loss is lack of vitamins and nutrition food. Most women use non-normative diet to lose weight which causes increasing hair loss. As age increases, the folic acid decreases and so hair loss intensifies. Hair loss is a relationship between older people and decreasing folic acid in blood.

Hair Transplant

What criteria are important for hair transplant results?

Hair transplant is done for the reason of improving the people’s appearance but everyone has a different aim for doing it. Occasionally by doing hair transplant, someone gains more confident in regard to increasing the ability and compete in job, career and other personal matters. The most frequently questions applicants ask about hair transplant or discuss between patient and the physician include as the followings: After hair transplant, how much does it take to get the final result? Does my hair transplant last forever? How does my hair look like, after hair transplant?

Hair Transplant

The advantages of hair transplant vs. hair restoration and wig

Hair restoration and wig (postiche) have many differences and divided into two categories and tow usages. The wig is considered as an artificial prosthesis hair which is attached on the head by common ways. Various ways are used for attaching the wig to the scalp; one of these ways is using the special adhesives and very delicate hair clips. In hair restoration benefits from natural human hair but wig is made of chemical, polymeric materials and plastic hair.

Hair Transplant

Greasy hair vs. hair loss!

One of the reasons for greasy hair is excessive secreting of fat or sebum after passing puberty age and usually 80 % of people have greasy skin and hair. Most of people due to hormone changes after puberty, sebaceous glands of their scalp getting larger. So, sebum secretion is increasing in people’s scalp. What is the main reason of sebum secretion? How is the greasy hair treatment? In tissues of the scalp and skin pores, there are follicles called sebaceous glands. These follicles secrete an oily matter called sebum which moisturizes scalp (skin of the head) and prevents from scalp dryness. Excessive producing of sebaceous glands makes the hair greasy.

Hair Transplant

What to know about hair growth

One of the common problems among women and men in various ages is excessive hair loss. The hair of head and eyebrow make us more beautiful. For this reason, there are different treatments to improve hair, eyebrow growth and preventing hair loss. Most of people use any advertising medications to speed up growing the hair and eyebrow, which sometimes this drugs influence the health of them. So, consult your doctor to choose proper medications and also food supplement.

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