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Removing unwanted hair,Removal of unwanted hair with a new laser called Cold Alexandrite Laser,...

Laser Unwanted Hair Removal

Tips, Sessions and Laser side effects

Hints: You need to shave the area of the laser already. Use the protective goggles provided. Use a gel that is pain relieving and conductive. You will be asked to comment on any inconvenience to make laser settings comfortable and effective for you. Do not take sunbathing (naturally or artificially) for face and body up to 3 days after the unwanted hair laser. Use a UV filter (sunscreen of at least 30) before going for a walk. Do not go to the sauna and the pool for the first 3 days.

Laser Unwanted Hair Removal

What are the tattoo removing methods?

Q-switched lasers is used for removing tattoo, which are the best and latest laser technology to clean tattoos. Laser pulses are rapidly and excited, creating a photo acoustic effect inside the pigment cluster. This effect causes the ink to decompose into smaller particles and is purified by the natural purification system of the body.

Laser Unwanted Hair Removal

Removal of unwanted hair with a new laser called Cold Alexandrite Laser

If you have clogged your hair with excessive growth, or if you have hair trapped beneath the skin and spot or bump due to it, laser hair removal will cause, in addition to removing permanent unwanted hair, a more beautiful and softer skin in comparison with in the past. And also get rid of temporary remedies such as using Gillette and razor blades, waxes and epilation, because these methods, beside the cost, cause a lot of damage to the skin.

Laser Unwanted Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair

In some women, facial hair is more than normal, which makes it uncomfortable and problematic for the individual. There are various causes for abnormal facial hair, the most important and common cause of heredity. Diseases such as internal glands, ovarian cysts, and the use of some medications, as other causes, can be noted in the abnormal increase of facial hair.

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